Verdant Light

Musings on sustainability and sustainable innovation.

About Asheen

Asheen Phansey - Paris cafeMy name is Asheen Phansey. I’m a sustainability professional, and have worked in the sustainability field since around 2006. I’ve overseen chemical safety in the biotech industry, commercialized biomimetic technologies in the aerospace industry, and led my own consultancy in sustainable innovation. I serve currently as the global head of sustainable innovation for a $3B software company. I also teach sustainable entrepreneurship to MBA students as an adjunct professor at a globally ranked b-school.

I specialize in sustainable innovation topics, including biomimicry (nature-inspired design), life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting, cradle-to-cradle or closed-loop production, and green marketing. I have degrees in chemical engineering and business, and training from the Biomimicry Institute. Here’s my linkedin.

My job is to save the biosphere. I drink a lot of espresso.


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